Kim And Michael - Point Judith lighthouse

When I look back to the first meeting I had with Kim and Mike, I remember feeling at a loss for words at how undeniable their bond was. They would exchange such sure and admiring looks as we discussed the day to come; I was almost certain they had telepathic abilities! We discussed a variety of topics like how they met, youth programs, fossils, giant sloths.. the conversation was seamlessly easy going just like Kim and Mike themselves. They began to tell me all about their nontraditional wedding plans, like how she planned on not wearing white or how they planned on having pie instead of cake! Mostly they talked about their intention of having a relaxed, beautiful day with good friends, family, and of course (being that they semi-identify as 'foodies') food!

The day arrives, and even with a looming military security threat and fish falling out of the sky, they approach the lighthouse with their hands held, beaming smirks and began their ceremony and beautiful vows. Did I mention they're both English professors? Feeling slightly speechless in front of them wasn't difficult since every word they spoke was delivered with such distinction, grace, and absolute sincerity. 

We then proceeded to the great Matunuck Oyster Bar where they had a goregous, minimalist reception! They had set up a table with wonderful party favor's such as a homemade spice blend, and had literature inspired post cards for their family and friends to write on. The blend involved spices such as thyme and rosemary, and the postcards consisted of authors such as Simone de Beauvoir and F. Scott Fitzgerald. As if these newlyweds couldn't already be more chic and inspiring, Kim approaches me with an object wrapped in tissue. She said that her and Mike were in Colorado, a place they had mentioned previously that was perfect for fossil hunting. I carefully unwrap the delicate paper and suddenly I'm holding a beautifully cut, Jurassic-Era Cephalopod!!! I must say, in all my years of shooting, this is not only the first gift I've received from the bride and groom, but it's certainly unbeatable in its state of antiquity. Needless to say, I had an absolute blast at your wedding, Kim and Mike! Not only as your photographer, but also as a spectator in complete and utter awe. Wishing you both the very, very best in all your loveliness! <3