Nicole & Craig - Atlantic Beach Club

The second Nicole said the words 'poinsettias' and 'Christmas themed,' I knew this was not only going to be a beautiful wedding, but quite an interesting one at that! Their date was set for November 15th, making Nicole and Craig my new heroes for thinking outside the box; and most importantly, not letting the actual holidays get in the way of their big day! Especially since Craig is from Britain, making it of the utmost importance that their friends and family could make it over to this side of the pond!

When I reached the home that Nicole was preparing at, she greeted me with a big smile in her bridal robe! She showed me her dress and her amazing custom made wedding wire hanger made by Lila Frances on Etsy ( At times, her dog Tucker would steal the spotlight with his absolutely adorable Eeyore personality, lounging in the middle of the room where all the hustle and bustle was. Which of course lead the hair stylist and make up artist Fatima Estrela to give him a little make over, for his big close up with the ladies.

After everyone was ready, we headed over to the Atlantic Beach Club to meet up with the boys! It was important to Nicole to have the first look, as they had already eloped and tied the knot as love birds do; but this time, it was the day they planned so hard for, the big reveal. He looked at her adoringly and everything fell right into place.

We headed to Fort Adams for some formal shots, and ended up back at the Atlantic Beach Club for the ceremony.. which was undeniably beautiful. The sun set right as it began, and the room started to fill up with various warm tones, red, orange, pink and eventually into night. Then, the party began.

This was the kind of party where no matter where you were in the room, if you turned around, you may have missed something! An Elf suddenly appears or a baby is dancing on the dance floor! As Americans we know ourselves definitely to be crazy when it comes to partying.. but if you know some Brits, and you're having a wedding, you probably want them there.

It ended with their friends and family lining a path outside the club with sparklers, as they walked through with beaming smirks and continued their night with friends, family and pizza. Thank you again Nicole and Craig for having me, and a big shout out to Peter Amylon, Frank Triolo and Ryan Natalia (otherwise known as ANT Videography) for coming through. This is the second wedding I've worked with them and they're not only insanely talented at their craft, outstandingly nice guys, but they also have a drone! Incentive or what?