Leah & Jeff - Boston, MA

The first meeting I had with Leah and Jeff is certainly one to be remembered. They invited me up to Boston to visit their apartment where we discussed all the details for the big day to come. Afterwards, Jeff wanted to show me one of his favorite belongings.. his Polaroid land camera. I was so excited when he asked if I could photograph him and Leah and their adorable puppies with it.. could being the operative word. By my fourth failed Polaroid, I had to submit my regrets and apologies to them and the analogue world alike. I assured them, come the big day, they will be happy they hired me as their digital photographer.. haha!

The day approaches and I find Jeff as happy as can be! I watched as he fine tuned the placement of the magnificent chuppah that he built out of birch wood, adorned with lace and purple flowers. Shortly after, Leah arrived looking stunning in her lace dress and fashionably unique spiral hairpiece, with a peacock inspired bouquet.

We stopped by the park across the street from Temple Israel to take their formal photos. Within minutes of photographing them with their family, acorns started falling from the sky! It was as if even the birds, who were the ones displacing all the acorns from the trees, were trying to give Leah and Jeff a little gift from nature.

After a beautiful ceremony, we all headed to the amazing Commonwealth Restaurant and Market, where they continued to have a beautiful night full of good food, music and.. blues dancing! This couple, who already totally blew my mind with their awe-inspiring style, actually had instructors come and teach their friends and family the way of the blues. If there's anything I have to say, it's that Leah and Jeff.. you are an extraordinary couple. And I'm so glad that I was able to photograph your special day. A big congratulations to you both!